🐆 Handmade with L.U.V. 🐆

Everything Leopard and Lace is conceived and created by Stef Leopard in Richmond, Va. Stef is a self taught designer who has made couture Rock n Roll clothing & costumes since 2005.

Since there have been some fake accounts created recently...

The business name "Leopard And Lace" is legally owned & federally trademarked by Stef. This is the one and only Leopard And Lace. The accounts listed below are my ONLY social accounts. Any others but these are big fakers🤢

Trademark Class #: IC 025. US 022 039

All official accounts:

IG: @Leopardandlaceclothing

Tiktok: @ShopLeopardAndLace

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCew-3d-BmQaZR5dRO1hQ2NA