🐆 Handmade with L.U.V. 🐆

Everything Leopard and Lace is conceived and created by Stef Leopard in Richmond, Va. Stef is a self taught designer who has made couture Rock n Roll clothing & costumes since 2005.

Since there have been some fake accounts created recently...

The business name "Leopard And Lace" is legally owned & federally trademarked by Stef. This is the one and only Leopard And Lace. The accounts listed below are my ONLY social accounts. Any others but these are big fakers

Trademark Class #: IC 025. US 022 039

All official accounts:

IG: @Leopardandlaceclothing

Tiktok: @ShopLeopardAndLace

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCew-3d-BmQaZR5dRO1hQ2NA