Leopard And Lace Sticker Pack

Leopard And Lace Sticker Pack

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Pack includes 4 weatherproof vinyl stickers. You get:

2 - Die cut, glittery Leopard And Lace logo sticker (3'x3")Ā 

1 - Small phone sticker with my New York Dolls style logo.Ā 


1 - Lord, I was born a ramblin' woman vinyl sticker. (3.7" x 3")

Ā šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†šŸ†

These stickers were made by a small business <3 Shop small 4eva, Baby!

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