*I have a "How To Measure Yourself" video tutorial on my story highlight on instagram. Check that out if you'd like a visual @LeopardandLaceclothing

*Never measure yourself over your clothes! You're not going to wear clothes over your clothes right? Get naked! 

*Don't pull the tape too taught while taking measurements, leave it just a liiiitle bit loose.

*Don't suck in while taking your waist measurement, you want to be comfortable while you're wearing this stuff so just relax :)


BUST: If ya go braless, measure over your bare breasts. If you plan on wearing a bra with the item you're measuring for, wear that bra when you take these measurements!

Take the tape around the fullest part of your back (where the back of a bra would wrap around) and bring it together over the fullest point of your breasts, usually the nipple. 

NATURAL WAIST: This area is located above your belly button and below the bottom rib. It is generally the thinnest point between the belly button/rib. Like I said above, relax your body while taking this measurement! 

HIPS: Take the tape and place it on your hip bone. Now wrap around the FULLEST part of your butt and bring it around to that hip bone! 

CONFUSED? Shoot me an email using the contact form and I can walk you through it!